Fears and Phobias

Approximately 10% of all adults and 15% of teenagers are living with a phobia of some kind.

Fears and phobias can range from being a nuisance to being absolutely debilitating, affecting your social life, family relationships, and even work prospects.

No matter how hard we try, no matter how irrational they seem, no matter how low the risk is, we cannot logic our way out of a phobia. That’s where hypnotherapy can help.

Common Phobias:

Public Speaking

Glossophobia: is the most common phobia, affecting over 70% of people, scaring many sufferers more than the fear of death.

Open Spaces

Agoraphobia: can result in people simply avoiding specific places or venues, or it can grow to include many locations, leaving them trapped in their homes, unable to leave.

Social Situations

Sometimes referred to as Social Anxiety Disorder, this fear of meeting new people, attending social gatherings, being judged, can affect all aspects of your personal and professional life.


Acrophobia: can be triggered when being in a tall building, at a look out, and for some just being on the shopping centre escalator.


The most common animal phobias are insects, snakes, spiders, and dogs, Depending on the animal, this phobia can affect social interactions and lifestyle choices (e.g. camping, hiking).

Thunder and Lightning

Astraphobia: To many of us, thunderstorms are spectacular. Beautiful even. To someone who suffers from astraphobia, they are terribly frightening.


Pteromerhanophobia: is a very common phobia that not only impacts family life, (holidays planning) but often career prospects too.

Enclosed Spaces

Claustrophobia: is often described as a feeling that the walls are closing in whenever they are in a tight space. In some cases, the fear of flying is actually claustrophobic feelings.


Trypanophobia: generally causes sufferers to avoid needles, sometimes at all costs. This can result in them missing out on vital medical procedures.

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What People Say

It’s such an amazing feeling when you free yourself. Our hypnosis session changed my life. I feel like I’m not afraid of anything anymore, not just my phobia.

Phoebe – Free from her phobia

I used to get anxious at work, worrying about taking calls from upset customers. Now I pick up the phone without even thinking about it. Even my boss has noticed how much more relaxed I am now.

Connor – No longer anxious about taking or making calls

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