Hypnotherapy for Academic Performance

University student graduating after receiving hypnotherapy for academic performance

Hypnosis is well known for being a powerful tool for treating physical and mental health issues but did you know that you can use hypnotherapy for academic performance?

Whether you’re wanting to increase your motivation to study, improve your concentration in class, at home, or in exams, enhance your memory recall, or diminish exam nerves, hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool.

Whether you’re a high school student, studying at TAFE or university, or a mature age student, you can benefit from hypnotherapy for academic performance. Contact us to discuss how you can harness the power of your mind to achieve your academic goals.

Woman reading a book by the window. Concentrating thanks to hypnotherapy

How hypnotherapy can improve academic performance:


How would you like to change your mindset toward study? You could go from it being a chore to being a pleasure. You can increase your drive to study and create new, more positive academic habits.


Imagine if you could sit down and start studying, with a mind that’s free from distracting thoughts. Imagine you could study, without distraction, and not stop until the task is complete. You can!


Hypnotherapy for academic performance can also be used to improve your recollection of what you’ve studied, as well as make you feel more calm, so you can improve your results, including during exams.

Contact us to discuss how hypnotherapy can assist you or your student.

Indian girl reading a book. Testimonial about how hypnotherapy helped her concentration


What People Say

I always ‘zone out’ when I try studying. I wanted to improve my concentration and my grandmother suggested that I try hypnotherapy. I was a little nervous before the session but relaxed right away. I tried focusing after the session and immediately noticed that my concentration had improved. I couldn’t believe it was working already.

Prisha – High School Student

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