Reimagine Hypnotherapy

Reimagine yourself, in a better state. Rewire how you think. Revitalise how you feel. Release yourself from your past. Reignite your passion. Redesign your future.

About Us

Our Beliefs

We believe everyone deserves to live a confident, fulfilling life, with supportive, healthy relationships, and achieve their potential.

Through hypnotherapy we are able to assist people to release themselves from their pasts and reimagine their future.

Don’t live life wishing things were different. Make it happen.

Services Include:


Quit smoking. Reduce or quit drinking. Release yourself from the grip of drugs, including medication. Control your gaming, gambling, social media. More about hypnotherapy for addiction…


Find it hard to get to sleep? Find it hard to stay asleep? Can’t relax at night? Lack of sleep takes a massive toll on both mental and physical health. Find out about hypnotherapy for sleep here…


Be more confident at work. Shake that fear of public speaking. Be more assertive in meetings. Stop being the quiet one at social events. Click here for about hypnosis for confidence…

Improve Performance

Athletes and students invest so much time in improving themselves. Make the most out of that time with the right mindset. Athletic hypnotherapy – More… Student hypnotherapy – More…

Fears & Phobia

Finally be free of the fears and phobias that are holding you back from the joys of life, work opportunities, affecting your relationships. Learn more about treating phobias and fears here…

Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety and stress can be debilitating, affecting both mental and physical health, not to mention relationships and careers. Find out more about hypnosis for stress and anxiety,,,

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What People Say

The result has been amazing, not only with my sleep but relaxation as a whole. I have felt at ease, I could think straight, I haven’t felt so tense and stressed. My children even noticed, which has been really nice.

Anna – Insomnia (Read more about hypnosis for insomnia…)

I reached a bliss state of mind during the session and after I was deeply relaxed, my muscles were less tense, and my mind was calmer.

Romina – Stress (Click here for relaxation…)

I felt anxious on the way there, wondering if it would work. When I arrived, I felt absolutely nothing. No phobia at all. Total indifference.

Phoebe – Phobia (More about treating phobias…)

I was a little nervous before the session but relaxed right away. I tried focusing after the session and immediately noticed my concentration had improved. I couldn’t believe it was working already.

Prisha – Study and Concentration (Hypnosis for students…)

Hypnotherapy sessions available in person in Sydney or, via video conferencing platform, anywhere across the country, or around the world.