Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

A man peering out the window, feeling anxiety. Hypnotherapy can be used for anxiety.

If you’re suffering from anxiety, you’ll be pleased to know that you can use hypnotherapy for anxiety.

In any given, normal year, about 20% of people are suffering anxiety to the point where it could be considered a disorder. This number is likely increasing, given the last couple of years we’ve had.

Anxiety is the sinking feeling when something goes wrong, the nagging feeling that something doesn’t feel right, the feeling of danger. It makes us take action to do what’s needed to avoid the negative. However, it becomes an anxiety disorder when it’s not helpful, when it won’t go away after taking action, or if it gets worse and worse.

So what can you do? Seek help. Hypnotherapy is a great form of treatment for anxiety. Why?

A woman laying in a field, surrounded by flowers, deep in hypnosis.

The benefits of hypnotherapy for anxiety

Less Talking

Standard approaches to treating anxiety require you to talk about the problem. Not only do some clients find this uncomfortable, all that talking increases your focus on the issue and reinforce it, resulting in more anxiety. Hypnotherapy mostly takes place in your mind, in a safe, soothing relaxed environment. It’s a calming way to treat anxiety.

Subconscious Focus

People suffering with anxiety, just like people with phobias, logically, consciously know that they should worry less. While standard approaches address conscious decisions, hypnotherapy deals with the subconscious , the part of the mind that automatically brings up the thoughts and resultant feelings which are part of anxiety.

Anxiety Removal +

Hypnotherapy has been shown to be very effective in removing the negative thoughts and feelings associated with anxiety disorders. However, treatment can can also replace those negatives with positives. A more positive outlook . More positive feelings about oneself. Implement self-care habits. Improved relationships and self confidence.

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What People Say

My hypnotherapy session was for workplace anxiety but I found that I lost other forms of anxiety too. I never expected it. It feels so good to be living without anxiety.

Ella, Italy – treated via video conference.

I no longer worry myself feeling sick when I go out with friends or to their houses for meals. I don’t even think about it anymore.

Alex, Sydney Australia – teen client for social anxiety.

We provide hypnotherapy for anxiety in Sydney and, via video chat, throughout the world.