Improve Athletic Performance

Man celebrating his win having improved his athletic performance using hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy isn’t just used to treat mental and physical health concerns. Hypnosis can be a powerful tool to improve athletic performance. In fact, many professional athletes have used hypnosis for sports.

Whether you want to increase your motivation to train, improve your work ethic, confidence, or energy levels, sports hypnosis, coupled with your hard work, could be the winning edge you’re looking for.

This program is suitable for individual or team sports athletes, improving your workout at the gym, or for those just trying to motivate themselves to be more active. Contact us to discuss how you can use hypnosis to harness the power of your mind and improve your athletic performance.

Woman in a gym, about to squat having made improvements to her motivation and performance using hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy to improve athletic performance:

Motivation & Discipline

If you need more drive to get yourself out of bed, or off the couch, and on your way to training, sports hypnosis can help. Do you want to shake that feeling of lethargy and replace it with enthusiasm? Do you want to stick to your training regime?

Total Health

You can retrain your brain to stay on track, keeping the commitments you’ve made to your training program, your diet, your sleep, your targets. Hypnotherapy can be used to help you create new, more positive habits in your life.

Mental Endurance

Any high-level athlete will tell you that your mind will quit long before your body needs to. You can take control of your mind and have it working for you, not against you when you train and compete. Also see hypnotherapy for academic performance.

Contact us to discuss how you can use hypnosis for sports and physical performance.

Rows of weights in a gym. Woman in background hitting her personal best using the improve athletic performance hypnotherapy program.


What People Say

The hypnosis felt like it gave me permission to enjoy working out again. The next time I worked out, I hit personal bests and left smiling and feeling like it was one of the best sessions I’ve had in a long time.

Kala, Brisbane – Mum and Gym Junkie

Let’s discuss your specific goals so we can tailor a hypnotherapy program to improve your athletic and sports performance.

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